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VALUE Twist-Lock PTL RO System Complete

VALUE Twist-Lock PTL RO System Complete


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The PRISM Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Purification System is the perfect system for your household. Providing chemical free, pure, fresh tasting water from your water. PRISM achieve this by positioning a reverse osmosis membrane in the middle of this three-stage system, between two carbon filters. The ultimate in drinking water purification is reverse osmosis which in addition to the ET carbon block reduces dissolved contaminants such as nitrates, total dissolved solids and has heavy metal removal. Additionally, the unique and user-friendly patented twist and lock filter connections ensure a reliable and leak-free system, whereby a simple quarter turn automatically shuts off the inlet and outlet water channels, allowing trouble-free cartridge replacement without the need to turn off the water. The recommendation for maximum effectiveness is to change carbon filters every 6 months. The ETROM has a recommended 12-month service life. Mini taps dispense purified water at the point-of-use. Attaching the tap to the existing water pipe is made simple with the use of a saddle valve to pierce and clamp the pipe and redirect water via the system to the tap. This single dispensing Mini tap has been designed for installation next to existing kitchen taps to provide a separate, convenient source of filtered water.

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