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VALUE Twist-Lock Hollow Fibre Membrane

VALUE Twist-Lock Hollow Fibre Membrane


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Designed for single-use or in parallel offering multiple filter combinations, the PRISM Encapsulated Twist-Lock range of cartridges deliver outstanding performance and flexibility. Suitable for a wide variety of applications from vending to potable water to RO, they are an ideal solution for point-of-need applications. This large diameter, high capacity, hollow fibre cartridge packs in a tremendous surface area within this compact POU filter. The small footprint means installation in even the smallest space while still being able to produce large volumes of ultrapure water filtering bacteria, cysts and even viruses. The cartridges together with the head, form a system which utilises a clever and simple 'twist and lock' design for installing and remove cartridges, requiring no tools to perform filter changeouts.

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