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VALUE Twist-Lock Carbon Block 1µm Cartridge for Point of Use

VALUE Twist-Lock Carbon Block 1µm Cartridge for Point of Use


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Designed for single-use or in parallel offering multiple filter combinations, the PRISM Twist-Lock range of cartridges deliver outstanding performance and flexibility. Suitable for a wide variety of applications from vending to potable water to RO, they are an ideal solution for point-of-need applications. The ultra efficient 1 micron carbon block cartridge offers superior chlorine taste and odour reducing capabilities in addition to improving the water clarity. Protecting expensive / sensitive equipment from particulate build-up, this carbon block is ideal for prolonging the life of down stream appliances and guaranteeing the quality of end products. The cartridges together with the head, form a system which utilises a clever and simple 'twist and lock' design for installing and remove cartridges, requiring no tools to perform filter changeouts.

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