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CORE Clear Filter Cartridge Housing Large Diameter (4.5")

CORE Clear Filter Cartridge Housing Large Diameter (4.5")


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Also within the PRISM housing portfolio is the Core plastic housing range. Having taken key features from the marketplace and improved them accordingly, these housings meet the needs of economy, quality and ease-of-use. This new range rivals higher priced competitors in the industry without compromising materials or calibre. Evident in the housings test criteria, their flexible configurations using brackets and adaptors encourages easy-to-build systems. Housings come in either opaque or clear options with 1/4" to 1" ports and Length Micron & End Cap Configurationss of 10" and 20". The most sought-after housings with three port sizes allow for different fittings and pipework. The 1/4" port is typically paired with push-fit fittings and flexible tubing, ideal for OEM systems and drinking water under-sink installations. The 1/2" and 3/4" port sizes are compatible with standard inline pipe installations. Brackets and connectors allow for easy system builds.

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